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Immigration Law- effects on the US economy and how immigration enforcements policies affects families.


Immigration law in general refers to the rules established by the government for determining who is allowed to enter the country and for how long.  It mainly refers to all the national government policies related to immigration, stay and deportation of people. It also plays a vital role in naturalization process by which foreigners may become citizens of the country to which they are immigrating to. US immigration law is very complex and is very difficult to understand for a layman. Immigration in United States is mainly based on these broad situations: reunification of families, immigrants with skills that are valuable to the economy of the country, refugees protected as per law and immigrants for diversity encouragement. The economy of a country is mostly affected by one of these immigrations i.e. immigrant labour. Similarly the immigrant labour, both legal and illegal, plays a very important role in the economy of Unites States too.   The immigrant labour not only works and provides services to the country but also helps economy as they contribute most part of their earnings in food, clothing and other facilities helping in generating revenue. There is considerable decrease in number of US citizens labour and thus

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